Outward Bound Sabah

I just returned yesterday from a 10 day course at Outward Bound Sabah (21st November to 30 November), which I went right after my three day NPCC Camp at Pulau Ubin's Camp Resilience. Throughout these 10 days, I've written a daily account about my experiences on a journal which the Singapore OB Instructors gave to … Continue reading Outward Bound Sabah


What can be better than proving others wrong? They said that you just couldn't do it. Why bother if you can't? Do yourself a deed and just stop. Deep down there's a burning flame. Fueling you to keep up the act. Yes it's painful It's horrible What kind of humans are they? Just you wait. … Continue reading Untitled

“Last Day of School”

2016 has been a blast! Thank you everyone for making school more fun and exciting. Really looking forward to next year where we'd finally face our major papers together. . . . . . . See y'all on in two days for Headstart HAHA.