Growing Up

Remember when we grew up wanting to be astronauts, pilots, detectives, heros. Remember when we’d have adventures in the savannah, fighting a fire-breathing dragon, searching for treasure, looking for meaning behind the most minute of things. Remember when we made an oath to do that when we’re all grown up— bigger, richer, and without having … Continue reading Growing Up


Leaders’ Day

The ceremony started right after we celebrated national day. The student councillors went out first, followed by the CCA leaders and finally the Executive Community. As I was invited to the podium to give my speech, all I could hear were the screamings and clappings of my peers and mentors. I made eye contact with … Continue reading Leaders’ Day


I choose to love you; for in that there is grace  you don't get to choose who you love but  we get to choose what to do with the love because in the end, we are defined by the choices we make

Searching for the Truth

There's a girl who always smiles, to show the world that she is fine. A boy who's surrounded by friends, deep down he wishes to die. For those who said they never knew, the saddest leave the least of clues. Little do we know, little can we do. Even so, what can we do?