Turn Back the Time

You tell yourself that you’ve moved on, yet, you looked at your pictures, your moments and memories with them. Smiling unknowingly, reminiscing the times. Deep down, you wish that you had spent those minutes as if it were your last. Be it with the one sided love, the sport that you play, the class that … Continue reading Turn Back the Time


Pre-Tertiary Education

It has been one month since I was enrolled into this school. Getting around is a feat since the school is REALLY hilly. 10 minutes is barely enough for me to get to my class from the bus stop in time. Thankful that my mom used to take her part-time diploma here too so I … Continue reading Pre-Tertiary Education


Took the courage of a thousand men and went to tell him that he lights my world. He craned forward, eyes widen, mouth agape. His cheeks turned rosy and his eyelids fluttered as fast as my heart. I paced myself away from him, turned and fled. We never spoke since then.

It's kind of sad to know that after this 2 month break, it won’t be back to the usual 8am to 3pm lessons. No more lessons, no more teachers to get nagged at/rant to about daily nonsense, no more crazy classmates that make the days enjoyable, no more staying back late mugging/lepaking/sleeping/feasting in the class/studycorner— … Continue reading


I still remember vividly how I felt when I received a message saying that I got posted into Kranji. There was a mixture of uncertainty and a tint of remorse. My classmates got into those well-acknowledged schools while I got into a neighbourhood school whose existence I have never known of. During registration, I asked … Continue reading Reminiscences