About Me

I am currently taking a diploma in Psychology Studies. I was raised in a male dominated family and my years growing up were mostly spent with adults since I’m the first child.

My dream is to travel the world, have a better understanding of the people around me and also last but not least, seek for thrills in my everyday life. I’m not afraid to try new things and I’m always up for challenges in sports and games. I don’t really open quickly to people despite being the extrovert I am but once I’m comfortable with you, be prepared to be bombarded with all my nonsense and retarded-ness. I’m a food addict– constantly searching for something new and enticing to please my taste buds.

Just a heads up! I have a bad case of short-termed memory and I tend to subconsciously do and blurt things out so it’s quite common for me to forget my train of thoughts while talking and such (uhhh ya). I’m not afraid to speak up and stand for what’s right cause I believe that everyone deserves to have a say in every aspect of life. This blog is filled with my adventures, day to day life, lingering thoughts and also opinions.

Feel free to ask me anything or say hi to me when you see me around!

Instagram || Twitter || Sarahah



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