Day 2: Tuesday, 22nd Nov

Reporting time: 0600h
– PT: 2.4km along the beach
– team bonding activities

OHMY, who would have thought that our morning PT would be a run (a 2.4km one) along the beach? Whilst running, we saw the sun rise, sang some songs and cheers as well. Lol, okay. I have zero endurance– ran back and forth once and I’m already tired to the core. Heavy breathing, forceful yet synchronised (?) breaths– a good wake up call after procrastinating my intended exercise sessions over the holidays.

Had our breakfast then returned back to our bunks to change into our black OB shirt for  a photo taking session, but why? Isn’t it always held/done on the last few days? Everyone gathered soon after and arranged themselves on the steps. JUST LOOK AT HOW AWKWARD WE WERE.


The team bonding games for today were really interesting. The first one, we had to arrange ourselves so that everyone of us are lying on each other’s stomach in a circle. The five of us girls were really hesitant to join in but eventually we just set aside that feeling. In the midst of the activity, we had to stop to go for lunch. “Lunch already?”. We quickly stood up and went to the dining hall without completing the game. Right after our meal, we resumed with two more games:

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

The games were interesting in a way it was creatively designed to make us think out of the box. Unlike most bonding games which typically takes up to 10 minutes, we spent around 50 minutes each for these two games. For the first game we were tasked to removed 3 ping pong balls found in a bamboo cup/holder. It was placed in the middle of a rope shaped in a circle. We were not allowed to step into it and the ping pong balls must not land within the circle. We were given a 2L jerry can filled with water, a rope and a pair of chopsticks. For the next game, we had to make different shapes while blindfolded using the ropes.

Around 4P.M., we had a campcraft session all the way till dinner and packed for our very first expedition (sea). Lin and I took a good hour trying to figure out what and how to pack our items in the backpacks which they provided us with. After packing, we had our debrief for the day and were given our own free time. Most of us went for supper then headed to the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) to lepak (chill and relax in Malay). We didn’t do anything much though. We played a few rounds of the game ‘Never Have I Ever’ before turning in for the night. In this one game, I got to learn that Edmund is a really open guy. Open in a sense he’s able to talk about everything– from school related matters to the colour of his underwear. Yes, I’m quite amazed and shocked at the same time but hey, he’s another option when I need to talk to someone.


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