Those Days

It’s only the second day of school for the yearand I already feel so enervated.

Mr Seet called last week and requested me to prepare a speech for the Secondary 1 Inauguration Ceremony since I’m the head of the Student Council. It was actually due yesterday but I requested for an extension to give it to him today instead. Right after my last period, I went to meet him to have it vetted. It was turned down cause it lacked a personal touch to it. He gave me some pointers and told me edit my speech. He left me to oversee the CCA Tryouts which was happening concurrently.

I wrote down a sentence. Stroke it off. Wrote another word and kept cancelling it cause I got the spelling wrong. It wasn’t some fancy word with a complicated spelling. It was just ‘remember’. I stopped and placed my pen down and stared into blank space. There was nothing flowing into my brain. For 10 whole minutes I sat there like a statue as if I was in a parade. That whole scene was so horrendous. In the past, I’ve done tests without studying and went for examinations without revision. Of course I’ve been in somewhat in the same scenario loads of times but no– I couldn’t understand what I’ve written neither could I think of a word.

I stood up and plodded to where Mr Seet was.

“Cher, sorry, I really can’t. My mind is blocked.”

He walked towards the table which I was seated at and read what I had.

He scanned through my paper and advised me to get help from the SSC President as well as the Head Prefect of 2014, who were apparently in school at that time to help the teachers out. Eventually, Mr Tan was called down together with Min Shean to assist me in my writing.

For one hour I listened, I looked and listened to the both of them talking. I tried to add some points. But what’s insane was that even after thorough help,  I couldn’t digest anything. With a heavy sigh, I placed both hands on the table and said that I’ll just send it in at night.

It was only 5.30PM, so I headed towards the NPCC room to help out with the preparations for the CCA showcase on Friday. I chanced upon Mr Seet who was at the junction between the General Office and the other school compound.

With hesitation, he broke the news that I’m not required to prepare a speech cause they realised that the whole programme was too long. His eyes were wary, uncertain as to how I’d react.

I bit my tongue, trying to hold the tears that threatened to leave my eyes. And that’s when I realised that I can’t hold them back. First, a small crystal bead escaped from my right eye. I could feel its warmth, sliding down my cheek, and rolling off my chin. Then another. And another. My eyes were flood with them, coming like a rainfall. Sniffing every ten seconds, they fall, and fall, and I let them. I turned around to gain back my composure. Wiped my face dry and took a deep breath.

He thought I was mad upon the decision that was made and wanted me to tell him frankly how I felt.

“Re… I’m really relieved.”


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