Day 1: Monday, 21st Nov

Woke up super early just to get to the airport. We had to report at 0630h as our flight was at 0900h. After being dropped off at 0600h, I went for breakfast alone at Kaffe and Toast. Half boiled eggs, toast and a hot drink; typical of a singaporean breakfast set. Too bad my parents couldn’t see me off since they have to go for work and send my siblings to school. Saw a girl in a black OB tee, I can’t recall whether I’ve seen her before but she seems utterly familiar (maybe I did, during the pre-bonding session). She seems like a nice person cause she smiled at me when we made an accidental eye contact. While waiting for time to pass, I decided to read all the my messages on my phone. Oh gosh, I was only away for 3 days at Pulau Ubin for STC (Survival Training Camp) and I already have 300+ unread messages from 10 different convos. I decided to ignore every one of them and just zoom into the group chat meant for this trip, who knows whether there might be important information which was disseminated. Looks like someone changed the name to “OBS Watch 1” from “Obs Group1 1” Haha, classic. In Outward Bound, they don’t call a group, a group and instead, a watch. So technically, Group 1= Watch 1. Wait. Who’s Qi Hui? She was suddenly added into our OBS WhatsApp group a few days back. Maybe she was that absentee who didn’t come for the pre-bonding session on Friday. Sounds like a girl’s name, I hope she is. From what I remember, there’re only 4 girls in our group and 10 guys.

I never felt so lost. At around 6.20am, I went to the 20th row of the 2nd Terminal and just stood there. I don’t even know who I was supposed to report to and even what to do. I walked around aimlessly, bobbing my head hoping to see some familiar faces. I eventually gave up and took a seat. Not long after, a woman wearing a white tee with a NPCC crest approached me and asked whether I’ve taken my attendance. I just looked at her blankly and responded after 5 seconds. She urged for me to head towards the middle of the crowd to have my name ticked. I did as she told me to, but I didn’t know who to go to. So I stood there again. She looked at me, somewhat pissed and pointed to the guy in white “OH, THAT INSTRUCTOR” I whispered to myself while walking towards him. 10/10 would agree with me that it was obvious that that she was pissed with me. Well, it can’t be helped, can it? I just can’t process things fast enough in the morning. Apparently, she’s the Teacher Officer (TO) attached to our group. Great, she already has a bad first impression of me. Good job Ernie. 

I sat with a man around his late 20s and next to a guy from another watch in the plane. Initially, I was supposed to sit in between them but I was later instructed by that man to shift in since he didn’t want to trouble the both of us to get up just to let him move in. Maybe he’s one of the accompanying teacher’s from one of the CCA groups. I took a deep breath, scooted to the seat on my right and planted my face onto the window. 

The last I saw this view was 8 months ago, before we departed for Bali for our Overseas Learning Journey. I leaned back and took a peek at what the two were doing. The guy had his head on the seat in front of him while the dude next to me was watching some Hollywood movie with his earpiece plugged in. Hais, it was be a boring 1 hour flight. I don’t even know anyone asides from my watch mates whom I’m still awkward with. We then took a bus from Sabah Airport to OBS Centre. Upon arrival, it really gave me the typical Malaysia kampung vibes– rustic. Apparently we are sleeping in dormitories?! Just when I thought that OBSingapore and OBSabah would be somewhat the same; sleeping in tents for all of the nights.
So my watch consists of: 2 Malay guys, 1 quiet looking guy, another Malay girl, 3 other Chinese girls, an Indian guy, a guy who looks like a nerd and some others. 15 people in total. Lunch and dinner was awkward too, always quiet. Can I please be in another group? If not, just when will they finally break the ice without me to start every single conversation?