Our Temporary Home

Yesterday, I was in school to meet Ms Liu and Mr Tan to plan for the upcoming open house. After that, to have Chemistry consultation with Miss Chia. Half way through, we were told to move away from our tables cause the movers wanted to bring the tables down to the truck. There was literally no tables left in the school except for a few in the canteen for the open house booths. So this was how the consultation was conducted yesterday:

Y’know, to have everything removed made the school seem a little more spacious yet empty. Empty in a sense where all the memories of the place have no where to go.

When I posted it on twitter right before leaving, many Kranjians as well as alumni from previous batches started to retweet about it. Many shared the same disappointment upon knowing that the Kranji we once spent 4 years in will not be the same in two years time.

Today, the NP kids went to the holding site to move our things from our old school compound to our new NPCC room. Our things were scheduled to come at about 1030h but apparently the movers messed up the timings (and we thought we were late when we’re still outside the school at 1034h) and Mr Go mentioned that it’ll be at 1300h instead.

The moment we stepped into the school, it really gave me that kampong feels. In contrast to what many people said about it being scary/creepy the environment was rustic and instead made me feel at ease. While waiting for time to pass, we went to explore the different places of our school-to-be.

The hall is honestly very small. Just imagine fitting in 1000+ students in here with teachers for morning assembly.

The brick walls at the staircases really reminded me of the homes at Penang,

the staffroom is well lit even without the lights on

and there’s even a study area for us!

We bumped into Mr Pang while venturing around so we asked him a few questions regarding how it’ll be like next year. So apparently the Sec4/5s will have a block to ourselves while the rest of the levels will be at another block near the CCA rooms. Our block is just a stone throw away from the canteen, basketball court and futsal court while the staffroom is at level 2.

Unlike in Kranji, there are staff toilets almost everywhere and I don’t recall seeing any water points. I’m excited yet nervous at the same time. Is it because it’ll be my last year in Kranji or because of the fact that our major papers will be held there? I’m still unsure.

But what I do know is that we’d have a new route for our 2.4km NAPFA run next year 😂