Something New

Really had a great day today. It’s been two years since I’ve worked in a team and I was glad to be given the chance to do so again. Although frisbee isn’t really my forte, what’s the harm giving it a try? With some basics and the support of my friends and Mr Ong, I eventually found myself in this team only last week. 

I did have the intention to join Kondors since last year but was too reluctant to do so. I was too afraid to just pop out for training smack in the middle of the year, I mean, who does that anyways? It’s either you join at the start or the end of the year. Aside from that, I’ve been receiving constant invitation by Ben and Gordon so I couldn’t really say no. I’m glad that everyone had welcomed me whole heartedly and helped me improve as much as possible in that short 3h training last week. Unexpectedly, I even bumped into 3 of my primary school friends during the tournament.


To get to play against them as well as other people from different schools really brings back memories. Yes, I really do miss playing with my former teammates on the court.

I miss this feeling. This feeling where your hands tremble after each training/match. No it’s not fear. But whenever this happens, I know, that I had done my best. The euphoria of winning each match is one thing, but the feeling of satisfaction and self-fulfilment is another. It’s been too long. Two years is torture. For now, I don’t seem to have chemistry with a disc but maybe I will soon. Whether I’d be pursuing in frisbee is another question but what I do know is that I will pursue in sports for my cca once I graduate. 

People may think, “Aren’t you already holding a high rank in NPCC? Why don’t you want to go for it in your pre-tertiary education instead?” 

Well, in the past 3 years, I’ve learnt something really important– being in UG and sports are two different things. I’ve always thought otherwise. Maybe the fact that I had both scouts and tchoukball as my CCA in primary school resulted in my inability to realise this earlier. Despite being in a group, at the end of the day the rapport between one another really differs for both. “One for all, all for one” and “Leave no man behind” may seem similar on the surface but it actually isn’t. Anyone will rebut me saying that the hardships faced will result in the strengthening of the bonds for both but the kind of hardship faced brings about different outcomes. 

What do I mean? Well, for sports you tend to falter here and there every once in a while. There are also times when you just aren’t able to perform like you always do. Let’s say you’re usually able to get 10 shots through against your teammates during trainings but there will inevitably be days when you just can’t. You don’t know the reason as to why you just can’t but what you do know is that your coach will be harping on it to you for the whole of the training regarding your performance.  For a team to function well, everyone’s morale is always in check. Motivation, words of encouragement are always exchanged between players throughout training and even during matches, not to forget about compliments as well. 

A Uniform Group on the other hand, there’s little to no communication made between squad mates throughout (you can’t even talk especially when you’re formed up as it’s counted as fidgeting and you’d end up receiving punishment for that). It’s all about self-improvement. Whether or not you want to be good at tying knots, exciting drills, etcetera is based on your own willingness to learn. Yeah, there’s certain criterias you would need to meet in order to promote to a higher rank but that can be attained even without the help of others. Trainings can be tough. All of the marching, physical training, camps may be what brings us together at times for one to press on, but it doesn’t really establish that kind of bond like that which you’d achieve in a team. 

I never liked superficial team spirit. So what if you’re able to encourage one another during hardships if at the end of the day, you’re like complete strangers outside of training, barely knowing one another?

“Oh I know her, she can’t really keep up with PT”, that’s what you observe. You encourage her to tahan it all cause you don’t want the seniors to keep extending the PT time just because someone is lacking behind. The type of encouragement given is usually for your own sake whereas the type of encouragement for sports is for the benefit of the whole team to reach a common goal of becoming an all-star team. 

Looks like I got a little carried away and digressed quite a bit but hey! We came in the top 5 this time round. Being the 5th to me is already an achievement for us, so let’s work harder and aim higher next year! Do follow Kondors on instagram @kranjiultimate 🙂