The Small Little Things

My experience in Kranji so far is kinda okay. Although I’ve never expected much, it’s been smooth-sailing up to now. I think this year I can declare it to be the most cock-up one of my 9 years schooling; my results are getting haywire, I have clashing events every now and then, problems here, there, everywhere. I knew something was up when I received back my mid year papers. Those red inks on all my papers, they don’t reflect the hard work I’ve put in. Was it because I couldn’t apply my understanding to the question? Was it because I didn’t get the concepts right?

I know very well that for both maths, I had a major mental block the moment we were told to start so I kinda expected marks which aren’t really that fantastic. What’s pissing me off the most is the very fact that I just can’t do Physics and absorb any chapter after ‘bases’ for Chemistry. I have a love hate relationship for my combined humanities, especially elect History. I’m fine with Pure Geography but like I’ve mentioned, it just doesn’t reflect on my papers.

It’s always been a habit of mine to camp outside the staffroom tables at least one month prior to my exams. In the past 3 years of being in Kranji, I realised that it provides the most conducive place for studying. The classroom blocks always closes at 4 (if not, it’s noisy with the other levels screaming and shouting for idk what reason in their classes), the canteen is filled with lower sec kids who blast music (and the leftover food which they eat), the foyer and the green tables at level 1 is just too packed and I always get distracted by people dancing, laughing and eating there, the library is just too quiet. Well, it’s not like I want to sit somewhere where my teachers always walk past. At the end of the day, it’s either I get distracted and get nothing done or be productive as possible.

The people who always study with me are either Aqilah, Claire, Wen Yan or Ruqaiyah. Claire only studies with me occasionally while Ruqaiyah only studies in school when she has the mood to. Wen Yan goes off early while Aqilah stays with me most of the time till school closes unless she has something on at home. On another table there’ll always be the same few people: Samantha, Tonya and Joni and sometimes, a few other of their classmates. Sometimes when I get bored, I’ll go to their table to disturb them. If not, to ask them questions.

It’s amazing how from these small little gestures, I’ve gotten closer to them. I’ve never really gotten the chance to show my gratitude towards them despite everything they’ve done– from staying back till late evening to teach me and even providing me with different revision worksheets for me to practise. They would always ask how I’m faring for my different subjects and sometimes, just there to give me moral support. I know I couldn’t really do much to help you guys out but I hope for you guys to get your chopsticks for Math!


To Tonya: Thank you for for accompanying me whenever I’m alone and especially for spurring giving me endless motivation to press on despite all the challenges I’ve faced. I’m really touched by how you set aside your revision just to make sure I truly understand how to do Logarithms and eventually be good at it. You really are a good tutor; really patient and easy to understand. I will never forget those words you’ve told me and I’ll be sure to do the same for the other chapters!


To Ee Xin: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING SINCE SEC 2. From Prefects/SSC/SC to studies you really helped me a lot! Noisy, takes the same bus as me, owns the same bag as me, eats breakfast everyday on the way to school with me and annoying at the same time, I’ll really miss all of it, especially your nonsense!


To Joni: I know we’ve just kinda got to know one another only a few months back, but I’m still glad that you sat beside me for a good 2h just to teach me how to draw a sine graph. Stop denying that you’ll become a great teacher one day in the future cause I know you can!