Last year around this time, I was getting worried on what subject combination I should take. In my mind I know I wanted either triple science or double humans and double science. I eventually ditched the idea of the aforementioned as I know that there would be more competition and pressure for me despite science being my strongest subject and also the kind of people who would wanna opt for it. So I went for double double. All that was left for me was to choose between pure literature and pure geography.

Honestly speaking I have an interest for the two; I love reading- trying to infer the author’s main intention of saying why he said that etcetera- but I dislike reading assigned books. It really makes me feel restricted and neither do I have the discipline to read them (I didn’t even finish reading my secondary 1 and 2 literature books). On the other hand, I love learning about the world that we are living in; how things work, the causes and effects, reasons why people do this and that and many more. The latter gave even more willingness to choose geography at the end of the day. 

A few months back, I took an Advanced Elective Module Course in Ngee Ann Polytechnic on Discovering the Science of Flight. Despite having quite a variety of choices to choose from such as the popular Perfumery course and Biotechnology, I knew what I wanted. Ever since young, I’ve always wanted to know how an airplane flies; why it can fly without flapping its wings like how birds do, the anatomy of the craft and also the different factors that affects flight. 

Some day, after I graduate from Kranji, Junior College or even University if I have to, I’ll travel the world. I want to learn the cultures of different countries, indulge in the different cuisines and most importantly, go on and adventure and explore both the rural and urban areas be it a forgotten place or a tourist hotspot.