In the Little Red Dot

In the Little Red Dot,
we live our own separate lives;
the void deck
equipped with tables and benches,
the rojak chit-chattering between the Chinese uncle and the Malay makcik and the Indian auntie– something that we’ll never understand. 

As the lift doors open, a quick dash into the cabin and up we go. 
The old auntie
laden with chap chai and chicken stocks, elated after getting a call from the oldest, tried to scramble in but wasn’t fast enough. Feeling guilty,
anyone would just flash their phone and pretend that nothing

Home run, literally.
Quick paces and tunnel vision, eyes on the goal.
The cries of a newborn, sounds like
a girl. I think.
The barking of a dog, a poodle
I guess. A wide opened gate, shoes and heels
a open house?
I don’t really know
It’s none of my
concern. But I’m finally back in the comfort of my home.

Somewhere on the other side of the globe,
back from school, she skips happily
home. “What fun I had, I wonder
what’s in for me tomorrow”. 

The uncle from
the second floor sitting with the middle-aged local florist
conversing about
yesterday’s news on the
opening of
a new mall.
What? Okay…
An accidental exchange of glances with her 
and the topic changed

How’s school? How’s your mom? How about your older brother?
Did you like the daisies? I thought you might like them. Sweet smiles, sincere
She feels much
much better. Mom has been fighting
a tough battle. She can’t even remember

I just wanna say
thank you for the good company
you have left us. I wonder
how big bro is doing
in his new home.


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