Short Getaway

Here I am in Penang, in a car, going to the different places which are all too familiar to me. I wasn’t too ecstatic with the idea of coming here considering that it’s only less than a month away to the end of year examinations and the results which I got in CT2. It really was a tough decision to make. I kinda grew up here; my paternal grandma was from here anyways. The only side of my family where a cousin of mine is actually of my age.

Haha yeah, I’ve technically spent my childhood days with people wayy older than me; my grandparents’ friends, my parents’ friends, my older cousins and my grandma’s neighbour’s son, who’s 2 years older than me, also my first childhood friend. Funny how that had somehow affected the way I am in school right now. I find it quite hard to communicate with people of my age cause I can’t really understand what they are thinking. Conversely, I find it easier to do so with people younger and older than me hmm.

Sitting on the bus for 12h straight sure was fun. Our bus was scheduled to pick us up at 9.30pm but it only came at 11pm. A normal road trip from Singapore to Penang typically takes about 6h but we only reached the bus bay at 11am, argh. For someone who can’t sit still for long, it really was a test of my resilience. I’m currently staying at my grandma’s sis’ house located at the heart of Penang, aka Georgetown.

Despite it being a flat like how it is in Singapore, what makes it different is how the door to every house is opened. Everyone knows one another and are living together harmoniously. There’s even a house that serves as a salon to the residents here. She has worked in Singapore for 20 years in the same industry at Chinatown and Orchard. Road but decided to set up her own business in the comfort of her own home, in her homeland. Well, like what people say, “home is where the heart belongs”.

So today’s my second day here and I have to admit, nothing much has changed here. Our family would always choose to come here towards the end of the year, during the southwest monsoon period. The clanging of the zinc roofs during the night rain really makes a good white noise to sleep to. So off we go to our first shopping destination: Queensbay Mall!


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