A ‘Great’ Day to Start the Week.

Reached school today at the nick of time as always. I went to the green table as per my normal routine to put on my tie and badge. For some reason, the pin couldn’t poke through my shirt and it was super annoying cause the shirt wasn’t even new. With a little more force, lo and behold! It went in but another problem arise– the pin was bent 90 degrees away from it’s original position and I had to fix it, argh. Jun Hui came a while later saying I was on duty for morning assembly. Wait what? Ok its partly my fault cause I lost track of what week it was and I totally forgot that I had duty today.

On the way to the parade square, I realised that I had worn the wrong pair of socks– ankle socks. Great. Another issue to settle. I quickly recall the commands while contemplating on whether or not I should keep a spare pair of socks in my locker (if you’re wondering, my locker right now has like snacks and a spare stationaries HAHAHA). While waiting, I went behind the mural wall, and tried to stretch it as far as possible beyond my ankle bone. Ok bah, I managed to survive standing on the podium for that 3 mins without getting caught by Mr Zainal hehehe. But really though, I really need to get new socks hmm.

We had our first two papers today, English and Social Studies. Apparently, I made a mind map on the answering techniques for visual text and both comprehensions yesterday night. I don’t really know where that motivation came from but I really hope to pass Paper 2 again this time round, and maybe get a B3 at least. Despite the busy schedule due to leaders day as well as prep for NDP, I managed to squeeze some time out the last few weeks to study for this CT. Well, technically I just rewrote and summarised everything on a separate book but I’ll EVENTUALLY do the actual studying and understanding at least 2 days before the actual paper.

Talking about studying, I’m actually done with most of the subjects except for Geography and HML. Let’s see… oh wait. They are both held tomorrow. But the great news is that the papers this time round are taken during the period of the lessons so hm I have like idk, 15 hours from now before my geography paper? OK ENOUGH TALKING TIME TO MUG.


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