I remembered owning multiple blogs before this and I’ll make sure that this will be my last. I had a blogs for almost everything– Malay, Math, scouts and even a personal blog. I never made much effort to update it every once in a while be it even checking on it. Technically, I was kinda forced to make them so that might be the main factor I didn’t really paid much attention to them.

There’s been many instances when I tried to keep a personal journal to keep track of my daily life and all, but my OCD eventually got the better of me as I kept tearing pages away just cause my handwriting wasn’t neat etc. To top it off, given my lazy nature, I ended up throwing it away thinking it was plain useless. Let’s us now have a minute of silence for all the abandoned blogs and one-post blogs out there in the world wide web.

To be honest, I can’t really remember the main reason why I’m back here blogging. I mean, the last time I blogged was in 2013, and that was because my school implemented a blogging thing and everyone had at to post/do our homework on the class blogs which they set up. Using wordpress/blogspot really used to be a chore for me cause I never had the real motivation to do a write up or even a book chapter review. Unfortunately, they closed down the blog a few years after we graduated, which is quite sad since there’s like 2 years worth of upper primary memories there. There were times which I didn’t do my homework the night before so I chiong-ed it in the morning before morning assembly so without fail, my posts will always be at the top with the latest timestamp, oops.


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