Cultural Fiesta Nite

Cultural Fiesta Nite, aka CFN, is a biannual event that everyone here in my school looks forward to. Well, in my case, I celebrate it on my first and third year of secondary school. The first wasn’t really that of a thrill cause I didn’t really know anyone so it was basically me coming down in my school uniform at the evening and sitting in the uniformed rows of classes– watching from afar and in awe of every segment they had.

This year was wayy different. Super chaotic, super emotional, super nostalgic. Malay oral, NPCC training then CFN all on the same day?! I was confident for oral albeit the negative comments which I’ve received in class every single time. Psh, came out of the exams hall feeling demoralised. ANYWAYS I went to training as per normal but had to train separately for drill cane drills. Wasn’t my first time, really, but my armpit was all sore after training. Rushed to Nasrin’s house and took a quick shower before coming back in the nick of time to school (heyhey I even got green packets from her mom).

It was an amazing sight to be greeted by people wearing the different ethnic costumes and not only CMI (Chinese, Malay, Indian). The Malay guys from our batch planned to come in their Jubahs together and it was super cute! Couldn’t really sit down at the parade square for long cause I just had to move, I don’t know why. So I went up to the second level to watch the performances from a different view (get it? HAHA).

The food costume parade was a memorable one. Seeing different classes ideas of a “uniquely S’porean dish” might be one of the reasons why. Jason’s class was very original– a few of them wore their neon yellow OBS shirts and positioned between green, spiked cardboards; yep! they were durians. Midway, I felt the need to move again. So I went everywhere ’round school looking at everyone’s costumes and all haha.. Fast forward, I went to find people to take pictures with them. Mr Ong’s was the most hilarious– while waiting for our picture to be taken, he did the ‘whip’ and started to brag about how he was cool and all; mhm, sometimes I’m really unsure whether he’s really my teacher.

“5, 6, 7, 8!” was AMAZING. I didn’t expect much initially considering it was quite ‘lame’ to us when we were in Sec 1. Guess what? It got so intense till the point that everyone stopped dancing, got into a line and just ran up and about the parade square. No, not only us but also the alumni and some teachers!

Had a really great time considering how it’s my last CFN here in Kranji before PRIME and all. Thanks everyone for the enjoyable night!


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